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Splix io

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5d86bf126-1Splix.Io is another multiplayer game which is very popular today. Even though that this game don’t have awesome graphics and interesting story line you will enjoy the game because of the advanced multiplayer game. You can play with thousands of people worldwide or challenge your friends. So the game rules are pretty simple – at the beginning of the game you have to pick name and join the server. Today, there are a lot of private servers of Splix Io game, but I recommend you to join the official one, where thousands of people are playing online. The main mission of the player in this game is to control a colored line on your area. You can expand this area by drawing shapes and connecting them with your territory. Your enemies will try to do the same, that’s why you have to secure your territory or even attack the enemy zone. Expanding terirorry in Splix Io is very important, because your opponents are doing the same. Keep in mind, that you should add pieces of territory slowly, I mean you can’t add huge territory at once, there are some limits in the game that you will find out. If you manage to grow so big, that your enemies can’t grow bigger, you will be allowed to take their territory and win the game.  You can also kill the enemies by crushing into the tail of their line. You may fail at the beginning of the game, but I am sure you will become a real expert in Splix.Io game at our website. Remember that all actions in the game are made using the arrow keys or [W][A][S][D] buttons. Try to rise on top of the leaderboard and share your success with us. Have Fun.